Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Can I have a blizzard, please?

Over at the YA Author's Cafe, I noticed a whole new list of books coming out. Thankfully, some of them have pink covers on them--they're romances, so not likely to make it onto my to-read list. No offense to the writers of romances. Everyone needs love, even me, I just don't happen to like the books written about them. I prefer my books with a good dose of death.

Still, there were some interesting books on that YA Author's Cafe list, so yet more to add to my already leaning tower of books-to-read. Like Nancy Werlin's Impossible.

And the weather is not helping. Sure, it's chilly. Overcast. Windy. But I miss the days of good, snow-dumping, Armageddon-style blizzards. The kind that keep you stuck in the house, with a warm blanket and a few cats on your lap. We had a lot of those last winter, and the winter before that. But this year, it's been sissy weather, kind of. With sparkly, snow-globe flurries.

I want one. A blizzard, with three feet of snow. Do a bookworm a favor, Mama Nature?

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