Friday, February 6, 2009


I teach a novel writing workshop at my local high school. We talk storytelling, good books and bad ones.

And of course Twilight comes up. Me, I didn't make it all the way through, but that has more to do with my short attention span (odd, teens have longer attention spans than me...). In my group of students, opinions are divided. Most love Twilight--there's lots of talking-with-hands, twinkle-in-eyes and general lovingness about the series.

But there are also a few haters, which is to be expected. When a series is as popular as Twilight, camps form. Critics frown. Lovers of book in question stomp feet. And no one is raising a white flag--ever.

So what makes a good book? Stephen King talks about it in an interview with USA Weekend, and my friend Jenny gives a great writer's perspective. King has some good points, though I thought he might want to spend a little time at any high school to find out what teen girls are actually thinking. His assessments were a little out of touch with reality, I think (and a smidge condescending).

But back to the point. What makes a good book? Me, I like my answers short, sweet and simple. Because it's Friday, and because I think it doesn't really matter.

A good book is one you enjoy.

There you go. Now go read :-)

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