Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Dinero, baby

Those of you who know me a little better, know that I also freelance. This year, I wrote a book on finance (a study guide for stockbrokers to pass the Series 7 licensing exam, to be precise). It was incredibly complex, and a little boring at times. But I did figure out I’m pretty good at the money stuff.

Or so I thought, anyway. Then I read Kristen Nelson’s blog this morning—she always has all kinds of smart things to share on publishing, and often YA too, so I suggest you bookmark her blog. Her current post is all about treating your writing as a business, which made me pause. When was the last time I did a balance sheet for my business?


I’m off to grab my calculator…

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  1. I know. And the one today (the day after the post you reference) has some great advice, too. I guess I should install the Quicken software I bought last year and get my butt in gear, huh?