Tuesday, August 11, 2009


It’s a strange thing, being an expat. Now, I’ve gotten used to big gallon jugs of milk, how so many things are processed, and that there are fewer flavors in the potato chip aisle (although Americans are coming around—I found Chili Limon flavored ones the other day). I’ll never quite get used to the sweet flavor of bread, but suspect it’s what helps it last forever.

Oddly, by living in a foreign country, you become more aware of the oddities of your own folk. I figured out that, as part of my Dutchness, I know a lot of Yiddish (it’s just part of Dutch vocabulary, interestingly), will not go to the doctor unless blood is gushing from my head (we’re stoic that way), and love, love, love anything that’s free. Which I’m pretty sure is in Dutch genes. You should see my kids bolt for the free samples in the grocery store.

My point? I’m loving this free download of Westerfeld’s Uglies. It was never my favorite (I like his standalones and Midnighters series better), but hey. It’s free. Who can pass that up?

Certainly not a Dutch girl.

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