Friday, August 14, 2009

Linkage, And Who Stole My Soapbox?

Some linkage for your Friday, should you be in need for time wasting. And who isn’t on a Friday, right?

YALSA has registration open for teen read week (in Oct., but it never hurts to make plans), and for proposals for the 2010 Young Adult Literature Symposium. So check it out.

The YA Authors Café has a contest to win a signed copy of The Comeback by Marlene Perez—caveat: you have to share a how-I-was-dumped story. I guess you could see it as cheap therapy…

Ypulse’s U Don’t Need to Dumb Down News 4 Teens discusses a study by Northwestern University Media Management on how to reach younger audiences with news. Interesting, plus it almost made me pull out my soapbox to talk teens and intelligence, but somebody stole it. A discussion for next week, I guess.

Mystery author Pam Ripling talks about reaching the easy reader audience at Chris Verstraete’s blog.

If you’re local to Colorado Springs, check out Pikes Peak Writers Write Brain workshop next week, August 18th. Author Mario Acevedo will talk about the fantasy genre, and he’s very smart. So get off your butt and go.

And I’m going to Pikes Peak Writers American Icon tonight to cheer on the incredibly talented Mary Koehler, John Ridge, and Mandy Houk. They’re reading for two minutes in front of three judges and a room full of chocolate-eating writers. Hat’s off, guys.


  1. When you've got a room full of writers, it's always best to have plenty of chocolate and coffee. And maybe alcohol. It's like blowing smoke on a beehive. Calms 'em down.

  2. So true. Someone should send us all giftbaskets :-)

    They kicked butt, our Pirates. I was proud.