Monday, August 3, 2009

Yo, You with the Yo-Yo!

It’s fun for me to watch what’s hip now. Because it all looks remarkably like what was hip when I was hip (that’s a lot of hip, huh?): black clothes, punk-style hair. Ripped pants, Madonna sunglasses—it’s all been done. I bleached my own jeans once upon a time.

Some things are different. Cell phones everywhere, videogames, Twitter—me, I had none of those things. We hung out at the playground. And we yoyo-ed. Yes, really.

But then this morning, I found this article on how yoyos are making a comeback. Yoyo sales are up 23 percent, apparently, and there’s a yoyo store in Santa Barbara—some company makes yoyos that are nearly 500 bucks.

And did you know that a professional yoyo-ist makes 50k a year? Now where did I put that yoyo??

1 comment:

  1. Ah, but do you want to lose your amateur ranking?

    The cycling of "hip" or "cool" is fun to watch. Wait until the girls get into something that they think they and their friends have invented. Then pull out your [insert clothing item or CD] and watch the amazement turn into dismay. ;-)