Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Digi-Novel Update

I cracked open my copy of Level 26, the digi-novel I told you about a few weeks ago. The story is juicy, creepy, and moved very fast (last night, I almost forgot I actually do have to go to sleep at some point). Good book.

So then I got to the part where you’re supposed to go online and watch something. But the prompt was for a snuff film of one of the victims, made by our psycho bad guy…

As much as I imagined this might have cross-over appeal into YA, I would have to say: major negatory. Level 26 carries a rating of R-plus, if I can create such a category on the fly.

But a good book. The online part, the snuff film? I think I’ll pass…


  1. Doesn't that... doesn't that take the fun out of writing the d@mn thing?

    I mean, independent of the subject of the clip. I don't, personally, want to write such gruesome bits, but if I did, that would be the "good part."

    (Or does the online clip just parrot / act out the existing printed part?)

    Guess I should wiki "digi-novel" before I comment from the cuff...

  2. You can see what this digi-novel is about through the link. I think it's a nice idea that will probably misfire and fizzle out, but maybe I'm wrong.

    I think the point of a book is to not have to go quite as far with the gruesome stuff--as reader or writer.

  3. I clicked through.

    Sounds like a bad idea, and I'm all for new this and unconventional that. Glad the book is a good read, can never have too many of those.

    Notwithstanding the valid fact that we're still talking about the macabre, I'm still having a hard time wrapping my head around the notion of writing a book that doesn't actually write about what it purports to have written about. Seems binary to me, either tell a story or don't.

    Has my interest, and wouldn't have heard about it but for you and your post, so thank you. I wonder, would it be too old school for me to pitch a manuscript that relies on a Powerpoint presentation at regular intervals, to compliment the text... [scratches chin]


  4. Oh, boy. That's pretty scary. Someone just send me a YA to review. I think I'm about to learn a lot about what's going on out there.

  5. Welcome to the dark side, Patti... Actually, YA is a lot of fun to read, if done right.