Monday, October 5, 2009

Cat Strike

“Dude, did you eat the last of the kibbles?”

“Uhm, no. Okay, maybe.”

“Dangit. I’m hungry. Now I’ll have to be nice to The One Who Brings Us Food.”

“Sorry. I was upset. You know I like to eat when I get stressed.”

“Don’t give me your excuses. Help me out here, man. She has no idea we’re out of food—this could take hours! And I’m late for a nap.”

“We can call her.”

“That never works. She just pets us, and I hate that.”

“Let’s go over to that room she sits in all the time. We can sit in front of that screen she’s always looking at. That'll get her attention.”

“Brilliant. Let’s go.”


  1. So that's why Spooky crawls on my lap when I'm using the laptop!