Monday, October 12, 2009

Get Your YA Sleuth On

I was doing so research, looking for new books to read (like I needed any more…). And I found this link to Ocean County Libraries (in NJ), where someone named L Fletcher put together a list of YA mysteries.

How great is this! It’s a little dated (2007), but still. It was nice to find someone else who likes to get their YA Sleuth on.

Who said surfing the web is a waste of time?


  1. Interesting how I didn't think CURIOUS INCIDENT OF THE DOG IN THE NIGHTTIME was a YA book at all when I read it. But I can see it now. I've hard the Rabbit hole book is great.

  2. I wouldn't have thought of it as a YA either, but it totally fits.

    I may have said surfing the web is a waste of time once or twice, but that doesn't stop me from waxing up my surfboard at least once a day.