Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thursday News

Get your Thursday YA news right here. And it's free! I know, we like free, don't we. So here she goes:

It’s award time! Rebbeca Stead won the Newbery for When You Reach Me—congrats to Ms. Stead. And see the ALA Youth Media Ward winners here—I was excited to read that Walter Dean Myers won the Coretta Scott King Virginia Hamilton Award for Lifetime Achievement.

YPulse reports on Kaiser’s Generation M2 study, which revealed that kids 8-18 spend an average of 8 hours on media consumption. It made me think about my own TV and internet time—maybe I should log that sometime, see where this thirty-something year old stacks up. Anyway, read that YPulse article; it argues that media time doesn’t equal unhappy kids. Interesting.

This article in Education Week reports on teachers reading aloud to teens in class, and how it improves literacy and passion for reading.

GalleyCat reports on the Twitterbuzz about a March release date of the Twilight graphic novel.

Publishers Weekly’s Barbara Vey is engaging YA readers with a book club, check it out on her blog.

For you writers: editor Craig Morgan Teicher will cover how to format an ebook from scratch in a series of blog posts. How cool is that? And Book Industry Study Group will be examining consumers’ attitudes toward ebooks in this study; will be interested to see the results.

Book piracy is costing the publishing industry an estimated 3 billion buckaroos, Publishers Weekly attributes to an Attributor study. Ouch…

Check out the Espresso Book machine, which is now partnering with Xerox.

And finally, because I have to represent my Dutchness, this article reports on a study that tells us Dutch children are the happiest. I swear, it’s the mayo on the fries, people.


  1. Okay, the next time I have fries at least one will get the mayo treatment.

    Just in the spirit of discovery.

  2. It's good. Add curry sauce and onions if you really want to go wild--it's even better :-)))

  3. Mmmm, that all sounds really good actually. I recently read a study where the Dutch are currently the tallest too. (I'm not joking, I really did read that.)

  4. That's probably true. Here in the States, I'm tall at 5'11'', but at home in Holland, I'm just average.

  5. My mom's pea soup is the best ever, so that might account for the 5'11'' :-)