Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thursday YA News

Thursday YA news! Get it here while it’s hot:

Wifi ain’t just for cybercafés anymore; check out Arizona’s Vail school district’s experiment of putting Wifi on the bus. No more rowdy riders, apparently. Cool idea, if the funding is there.

Are you a writer? If so, check out NPR’s three minute fiction contest. I love flash fiction, such fun to write.

In Twilighty news, Breaking Dawn will be adapted into two films, reports Mediabistro. Filming is not expected to begin until mid-October, so don’t get too excited just yet if you’re a fangfan.

At PW, Elizabeth Bluemle blogs about (children’s) bookseller wisdom for authors, publishers, etc., which I thought was very interesting and useful, since it’s coming from the frontlines.

For those of you marketing to teens, MediaPost’s Morgan Stewart blogs about an ongoing study in conjunction with the Center for Media Design on how tech habits influence teens’ buying decisions. Very interesting hard data there, so check it out if you’re looking for better ways to reach your teen audience.

Twitter or Facebook? Get a teen’s perspective on the pros and cons, at YPulse.

Europe launched its Safer Internet Day (SID) with a child-friendly version of Internet Explorer. And on this same topic of safety: YouTube adds a violence and profanity filter.

Finally, for fun, here’s what happens when you give a seven year-old girl a kitten:


  1. Good kitty for staying there. Spooky would be nothing more than a black blur.

    As always, great info. 3 minute fiction contest, eh?

  2. That contest sounds cool, right? Hefty competition though, apparently. Still...

  3. At least the kitten isn't dressed in clothes.