Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thursday YA News

This week in YA:

First off: today is School Library Journal’s Webcast What’s Up In YA (2 p.m. ET), in case you want to listen in. And for those of you late to the party, I’m sure they’ll archive it for you.

What’s hot in YA? The end of the world, says this article in Publishers Weekly. And here I thought it was angels—no, werewolves—no… Never mind, I don’t know anymore.

YPulse’s talks about ChatRoulette—I can see a YA novel spawning from that site.

If you’re a teen and are into music: check out The Battle of The Bands Campaign by and VH1’s Save the Music. You can send in a tape of your musical performance, and a testimonial of why music matters to you. Sounds cool—I’m just saddened by the fact that music still needs saving. Seems like a no-brainer that kids need music, right?

Glee goes to Washington. And Disney goes Goth with Alice—guess everyone wants a piece of the Twilight crowd. Speaking of which, here’s the trailer for Eclipse (due out in March).

Wondering what e-book readers want? Find out in this GalleyCat article on a recent survey.

Publishers Weekly’s Josie Leavitt talks about a teen visit to her bookstore—some unexpected opinions on book covers there (“Why are they so ugly?”).

Wondering what books to look forward to for fall in books? Here’s PW Fall Sneak Peek; you’ll have to pick the list apart to find the YA among picturebooks etc.

For those of you marketing to teens, check out this article on influencers and forums (can’t help but think of Scott Westerfeld’s So Yesterday when I read that).

And under the heading Did-We-Really-Need-Research-For-That?: teens love to text, reports a MediaMark Research and Intelligence Report. Well, duh.

On a related note: teen girls are becoming a greater driving risk, reports The Chicago Tribune. The cause? You guessed it: texting.

And for fun: here’s a monkey.

Come on, who doesn’t love a monkey?


  1. You crack me up. Informative and funny. Thanks for a Thursday giggle.

  2. That end of the world stuff worries me. Every time that idea comes into the public forum, we move to the right a little more.

  3. You're welcome, Deb :-)

    Patti--will have to keep an eye on that, I hadn't noticed it.