Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thursday YA News

After missing out on news last week because of all those 2010 YA Edgar book reviews, Thursday YA news is back. Happy joy:

YA Bookish Stuff

It’s Percy Jackson for teenage girls—this would be Starcrossed by Josephine Angelini. The book won’t be out until summer 2011, but it’s caught quite the buzz because HarperTeen paid seven figures for the trilogy. And Ilsa J. Bick's YA trilogy Ashes sold for six figures to Egmont. You can stop blinking now, and begin wishing that’ll happen to you, too.

Lerner is launching Carolrhoda Lab, a new YA line of books this fall—some really cool-sounding titles in there, and the covers are gorgeous. Exciting stuff.

Also getting into the YA market is Lee and Low, and Indy publishers, with a sci-fi and fantasy focus. The new imprint is called Tu Books, and will launch titles fall 2011—find out more here.

More upcoming book news: thriller novelist Jason Pinter is penning a YA called Zeke Batholomew: Superspy!. Sounds fun.

And the NYC Teen Author Festival is going on right now. Wish I could be there…

Teen Culture

Old is the new young, and young is the new old, says AdWeek. Apparently us oldies act younger, where teens appear more adult today. How totally weird, dude.

Which brands are hot and which are not with teens? Find out here.

And parents want teens to learn tech-iquette.

Publishing Biz

It’s Bologna time! Find out what publishers and other industry professional are saying about the children’s (this includes YA, of course) book market today in this Publishers Weekly article. Interesting stuff.

For Writers

Jim Hines gathered data from first-time novelists to get an idea on trends etc.; interesting if you’re in that boat, or looking to get in.

You children’s book writers can enter the Cheerios contest until July 15th—sounds like a nice one.

GalleyCat will be profiling literary agents, starting with Michael Bourret.

Also on GalleyCat: tips on writing for children, and writing in general (I liked Maggie Stiefwater’s approach to finding time to write when raising young kiddos).

And for fun: here's Peruvian Domingo Pianezzi, surfing with his alpaca. I know, you did that just last week too, right?


  1. Of course, he had four legs to balance on.

  2. That alpaca makes it look so easy, doesn't he?