Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thursday YA News

Thursday! YA news! Exclamation mark!

Okay, I’ll get to it already:

YA Bookish Stuff

For you Cory Doctorow fans: Little Brother has been optioned for a movie by Angry Films. I would love to see this come to fruition; will keep you posted as always.

School Library Journal interviews Diary of a Wimpy Kid author Jeff Kinney.

And Readergirlz gives us the skinny on all things Scott Westerfeld, for you fans.

Teen Culture

Jessica Bennett makes a case for feminism for young girls in Newsweek. Important food for thought.

This is an older post, but I thought it was still interesting: PSFK discusses global youth culture in the digital age.

Publishing Biz

As you know, it’s Bologna Children’s Book Fair time, and Publisher’s Weekly gives us the latest on moods and trends. The verdict: the mood is positive, people are warming up just a tiny bit more to things digital, and YA is hot-hot-hot. But then we knew that already.

Kobo is coming out with a new e-reader this spring/summer, priced at $150. Interesting; read about it here.

For Writers

For you published (or about to be) authors with a trailer, find out how you can it on Google TV here.

And learn how to make an e-book cover here.

Literary agent Jim McCarthy wants horror, reports GalleyCat and Andrea Somberg wants post-apocalyptic fiction.

Read about how AgentInBox, a site that helps writers write query letters and find agents looking for their type of work, helped an author find a book deal.

Finally, for fun: check out this upside-down house in Germany. It's an attraction at the Gettorf zoo. Them weird Germans...


  1. Speaking of Germany, did you hear about the elderly trio who kidnapped their financial adviser when they lost money in the Florida housing market. They actually built a box to hold him in. What a great story idea.

  2. The whole financial crisis is just a smorgesbord of story ideas. Had not heard that story--wow...