Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Mysteries Rock (Now With Research!)

Of course, we already knew that mysteries rock. But now there's research to support this: a recent NEA study showed that 54 percent of readers like mysteries best, with thrillers (mystery's fraternal twin who likes to wear running shoes) at 32.6 percent.

That's a combined 86.6 percent! It's probably statistically incorrect to just add those two numbers, but I'm doing it anyway. The reading public has spoken: mysteries and thrillers rock.

Check out the link on M.J Rose's blog Buzz, Balls & Hype, where I found this info.


  1. This is very evident at my library. There is a separate mystery new books sections and half of the books in the other section are thrillers or crime related in some way.

  2. I'm hoping this will mean there will be more mysteries and thrillers in YA, too.

  3. Great to know, but remind me not to hire you as a statistician.

  4. But doesn't 86.6 percent sound great? :-)