Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thursday YA News

It’s quiet in YAness this week… Blame it on the volcano (I’ve been blaming everything on Eyjafjallajokull this week—perfect excuse). Anyway, here’s some YA newsworthiness:

YA Bookish Stuff

Banned Books Week isn’t until the fall, but here’s a list of 2009’s most challenged books—fascinatingly entertaining, especially when you see the list of classics that get contested. Congrats to Lauren Myracle for snagging the top spot for TTYL.

Debut YA author Sarah Wylie scored herself a great deal for her book All These Lives, about a girl who thinks she has nine lives—sounds interesting, and congrats to Sarah.

SLJ talks school bookfairs, and reasons it might pay to go digital.

Teen Culture

How awesome is this teen: 17 year-old Carissa Moore won the ASP surfing trophy, and then gave her $15k check to her local teen hangout that helps underprivileged kids. Chapeau to Carissa.

And promiscuity is bad according to today’s teens, says this Slate article called Generation Scold.

Publishing Biz

Publishers Weekly talks London Book Fair despite volcano misery and travel woes.

For Writers

GalleyCat interviews literary agent Michael Murphy, who tells writers to do their homework. And here’s another interview, this time with agent Evan Marshall.

If you're going to Pikes Peak Writers Conference, come say hey! I'll be the freckly one, eating all the extra desserts at the table.

Final Fun

How far would you travel for Chicago’s killer pizza (it is really good, to be fair)? Charles (shown below) went 1300 miles, all the way from his home in New Mexico. Get ready for a serious kitty time-out when you get home, Chuck—hope the pizza was worth it.


  1. Do not care for Chicago pizza at all. Too dough, cheesy and bland. I'm all about New York style.

  2. I like their deep dish, but I'm probably the easiest person to please when it comes to food :-)