Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thursday YA News

Here’s your weekly roundup of YA happenings:

YA Bookish Stuff

Check out the Children’s Book Awards; for YA, winners are James Patterson (author of the year) and Suzanne Colllins (teen choice book of the year for Catching Fire, which I’m devouring now).

Tyra Banks got herself a book deal with Delacorte for Modelland, a three-book YA fantasy series. I know, my writer friends, it’s not fair. Maybe we should all become models and then we’ll get book deals too—seems easy enough, right?

For you Wimpy fans: Look for another Wimpy Kid movie next year.

And PW reports on Pen World Voices 2010: Children’s Authors on Culture and Identity—super interesting.

Teen Culture

Lady Gaga is the top fashion icon for teens, reports

America’s babies are named after Twilight characters. Why do people think this is a good idea?

And check out these teen entrepreneurs! I’m impressed.

Publishing Biz

Publishing Trends reports on how series have changed in YA. Reps for different publishers explain their approach to aquiring series today; very useful info for writers and others in the publishing biz.

Rosemary Harris reports on Malice Domestic.

Find out more about the Asian Festival of Children’s Content in this PW article; not YA but still interesting.

For Writers

Agent Laura Rennert (with Andrea Brown) wants smart boy books, so if you have one, send it her way.

And Scott Turow tells writers that persistence is critical. Amen to that.

Final Fun

Need to lose some weight? Check out this 590-pound hamburger, made as a Guinness Book of Records attempt in Toronto. Looks so appetizing, doesn’t it? Yuck.

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