Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thursday YA News

Apologies for blog quietness this week, but I’ve been Editing the Book—so a noble cause (I hope anyway). Here is your Thursday YA news:

YA Bookish Stuff

Elizabeth Bird interviews YA/MG author Rita Williams-Garcia—very interesting stuff for you fans, and those unfamiliar with Ms. Williams-Garcia’s work (I highly recommend her books, fwiw).

And another great author interview, this time with Ellen Hopkins.

Teen Culture

Check out these cool teens: when their local library lacked the funding, teens of the Breakfast With Books bookclub organized a fundraiser that raised awareness and money for North Suburban Library System in Illinois. How cool is that? So next time someone whines about how lazy and spoiled teens are these days, you can smack them on the head and show them this article.

And an interesting survey finds Middle-Eastern teens have closer ties to their families and culture than the rest of the world’s teenagers, but are just as interested in clothes, computers, cellphones, etc. More here.

Publishing Biz

For some inspiration on this Thursday: check out how these publishing folk raised $53k for Nashville. Who said the publishing biz is cold?

And book sales are up 1.6 percent according to this PW article. Good news! I know, we’re not really sure what to do with good news anymore, do we?

For Writers

GLA interviews agent Paige Wheeler right here. And agent Charlotte Gusay wants lean and spare writing.

Voyeurism for writers: watch writer Matt Bell write a short story—live! More here at MediaBistro.

Final Fun

Because I love my monkeys: check out this baby baboon.

Cuteness. Better than last week’s giant hamburger, huh?


  1. Indeedy. Unfortunately, I'm sure more edits will be requested, but for now... Done :-)