Thursday, June 3, 2010

Household Announcements

I know, I know: household announcements are boring. But for you YA Sleuth followers (I heart you!), there are some updates to the regular content, so bear with me.

First, I’m no longer posting YA reviews (which you’ve probably noticed already, since they’ve been absent). This is in part because there are already so many websites and blogs that do this (and much better than me), and in part because it gets awkward when the author is someone you know. I’ll still review the Edgars, because someone’s gotta do it, and we are all about the mystery here after all. And I’ll still recommend the occasional YA mystery when the mood strikes.

Second, Thursday YA News will be taking a summer hiatus. I’ll still post news items as I find them, but no more long weekly roundup. Freelance work is picking up, and my freckles are fading, so time to get out and catch some rays.

That’s it. You can go outside and play again.


  1. I'll get those freckles back :-)

    Patti: I'm glad you're back from your vacation. I really missed your blog posts when you were gone.