Wednesday, October 20, 2010


As a reader, I like to be moved, entertained, puzzled--but there's nothing like a good adventure. I just snagged David Lubar's True Talents off my daughter's shelf (having a middle-grader in the house is fun, because we can share books), and it promises to be fun.

And it's an adventure! I'm not so adventurous by nature, but I sure love reading and watching someone else have one. Katniss in The Hunger Games, Salander in The Girl Who Played With Fire, and my own character, who I just sent up a mountain (literally). All from the safety of my desk, cat on the lap, cuppa tea at the ready. Adventure for chickens. Really, I would love to be a Kim Possible (for those of you who remember this great cartoon that's no longer on TV), but aside from the cargo pants, it just not going to happen. So I escape to fiction for my adventure fix.

How about you? What's your favorite adventure, book, movie or TV?


  1. You know me and favorites--I have a hard time picking one.

    Books: Lord of the Rings was my first big adventure book and it holds a big place in my heart.

    Movies: See Books. Star Wars. The new Star Trek. Loved Fantastic Voyage as a kid, but it doesn't hold up. Lawrence of Arabia is great. Gone With the Wind and Wizard of Oz are fun too.

    TV: Dr. Who, Torchwood, Lost, Star Trek (most of the incarnations). I'd even count Leverage as adventure because of the way they go about doing good.

    I know someone else will post stuff that I'll go "Oh, yeah! That, too." But I just finished my latte, and it hasn't kicked in yet.

  2. The scifi stuff is the best adventure material. We got into Warehouse 13, which is fun.

  3. I loved STAR TREK, TNG, partly because it was more people and less adventure oriented. I am very remiss in my reading in this area. I loved LIFE ON MARS, if that counts.

  4. I love to get lost in paranormal and fantasy 'adventures', YA and otherwise. I can't even name a favorite. Like you, I prefer the adventure for chickens variety.

  5. LIFE ON MARS is great.

    Thanks for stopping by, Cinette!

    I'm also a fan of the Librarian movies, partly because they're PG so we can watch them with the whole family :-)

  6. I also like to adventure from the safety of hot chocolate. =)

    Faves: Hunger Games was awesome.
    Nothing beats Harry Potter ever.

    I'm also a fan of crime investigation, though I wouldn't want to do that stuff in real life.

    Oh! and speaking of shows that rock for adventure: Johnny Test. I love that obnoxious little kid and I love his brilliant twin sisters (redheads!) even more!

  7. Redheads rule :-) We watch Johnny Test here too. Waaaay better than Hannah Montana.