Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Team Thanksgiving

Even though I'm from the other side of the big pond, I like Thanksgiving. There's food (score one), more food (score two), and some contemplation of Things We Are Thankful For (score three, since it increases contentment and zen-ness). So I was going to write a post on what I'm thankful for and all that good stuff.

But then I got angry. All around me, the Christmas decorations are going up. The orange stuff is already on clearance or gone altogether, and we're having early Black Friday deals. Like we needed more time shopping.

It's not that I don't get it. Thanksgiving isn't a moneymaker, and we're all run by advertising, right?

Wrong. I'm on Team Thanksgiving. I like that there are no presents to be bought, or carols to be sung, or deals to be had today, today, today. I'm ticked off that Christmas seems to think it's fine to just bulldozer over Thanksgiving with its big, overpriced sleigh full of stuff.

So I'm warning you, Christmas: back off. Go hang out at the mall food court until it's your turn. Or Team Thanksgiving is going to take your Black Friday away. Don't mess with this turkey.
Happy Thanksgiving, all :-)


  1. Tell it, sistah! I'm all for bulldozing Black Friday. I refuse to go near the stores. And since there are stores everywhere, I don't go out. Stuck in my house. I mean, what could I possible do with a whole day off work when I can't go out? TV isn't even very good.

    Hmmm. What to do? What to do?

  2. :-))) I'm installing wood floors. Writing sounds much better...

  3. In Canada, we watch the new from the U.S. of the crazy shoppers on Black Friday. Crazy! So, hear, hear...kuddos to you for celebrating Thanksgiving in style! Happy Thanksgiving my U.S. friend!

  4. Black Friday makes me long to move to Canada, Nathalie :-)

  5. I am not crazy about Thanksgiving either. Football and food. We need to invent some new holidays that emphasize non-commercial, non-fattening and non-competitive events.