Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Never Open With The Weather

Or so we're told as writers, right? I've always hated this rule. What's so bad about 'it was a dark and stormy night?' Weather is such a great tool to set mood, build tension, or add conflict. Just look at this massive storm we're all talking about, and the news people are so happy to finally have a new crisis.

I'm working on a new story (such fun) that revolves around the weather--tornadoes to be exact. So I'm breaking the old weather rule, though I probably won't make it the first line or anything.

How 'bout you, my writer pals? Ever use the weather to build your story?


  1. I think weather can be important to a story. Of course, as with anything, it can be a cliche'. I'm thinking of the group of strangers stranded in an old Victorian house during a storm.

    But weather can heighten suspense--as with said storm. Or it can be used to contrast what the characters are feeling/doing. A group of people huddled around a fireplace, toasting marshmallows, telling stories and laughing while a blizzard rages outside.

    Then the door blows open and a dark stranger staggers in a swirl of snow. Oh, wait. Wrong story.

  2. :-)) Sounds like a story you should write.

  3. I try not to but boy it can be compelling and also mirror internal strife.