Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Books, Books, Books

Some of my best memories as a kid are of libraries, bookstores, and reading. Books were a big deal (and still are) in my house, and for the longest time I assumed every kid had that same environment. Weekly library visits, books for your birthday--that's normal for everyone, right?

Then in fourth grade or so, our teacher asked if anyone did not have a library card--and I was amazed as a couple of kids raised their hand. No library card? That seemed impossible!

I'm all grown up now, and people tell me every day that they don't read. How sad, I think. But it's even sadder when kids aren't exposed to books because parents don't read.

So I thought this was cool: this library in Ohio decided to bring the library to the local high school and gave kids a chance to sign up for a card during English class. Awesome idea, no?


  1. They should sign them up in first grade. Going to the library still continues to delight me. I go at least once a week--just as I did when I was six.

  2. Every little bit helps.

    We had the Bookmobile come to our little country elementary school once a month. I remember kids swarming that thing. I was always bummed that I couldn't check out more books at a time.

    Then they opened a library next to the butcher shop in town. It was only half a mile from my house so I could walk or ride my bike. Spent a lot of my time there.

    Now, if I'm stressed out, I wander around a book store. What I want to read changes so fast that I rarely get library books finished before I need to return. But just being around stacks of books can calm me down.

  3. Libraries really shape my childhood memories too. I still have to find my favorite here in Mississippi, but I've already found some good bookstores. Those books are calming--you're right, Deb.