Tuesday, April 10, 2012

How Do You Celebrate Your Accomplishments?

I just sent the first draft of the second book in the Double Vision series to my editors. I did my taxes--both annual and quarterly (now that should come with the delivery of a mega-bag of peanut M&Ms, I'm telling you). I started work on the www.doublevisionbooks.com website (long way to go, but hey).

I should be celebrating, but you know what? I'm not very good at celebrating those milestones.

There's always another deadline, something else to do--like clean the house after I've been ignoring it for weeks. Maybe it's a Dutch work ethic thing.

But I think I'll do something fun to celebrate today. Don't know what yet...

How about you all? What do you do to reward yourself for a job well done?


  1. I sometimes take myself to see a movie. Get a big box of popcorn and a Coke. If there's been something I've been putting off getting, I may do that as well--although that can cost a lot more than a movie and snacks.

    And sometimes just taking the time to go for a long hike is the best reward. And I usually come up with lots of ideas for fixing things in progress and for new projects. So that's a win-win.

  2. I don't know about celebrating finishing taxes (what a nightmare that probably was!) but you definitely need some R&R after *that* kind of thing. I also like allowing myself to just chill out and read something...not for 'writerly' purposes, but just to read. I also like to hit the library and check out an impossibly huge stack of books - satisfies the 'retail therapy' binge without hurting the pocketbook. =)

  3. Libraries are great--it's like shopping without the bill, you're right.

    Fun reading... That sounds nice right now.

  4. A movie too. Is there anything better?

  5. Congrats! How much harder was the second book? As for how to celebrate, go buy something nice that whenever you wear it or open your closet you are reminded how cool you are!

  6. A movie and an outfit--I like it :-)