Thursday, April 19, 2012

What's Your Most Hated Movie Cliche?

I'm a big fan of (fictional) crime TV. Cop shows, amateur sleuths--I love a good mystery or crime show. But there are those cliches that make me cringe. The redheaded rhymes-with-witch. The evil Russian mobster.

The chase through a commercial kitchen!

That one has to be my most-hated cliche. There's usually some low-paid sap the cops are chasing, while pots fly and food (carrots, usually, for visual effect) goes everywhere, and then we end up in an alley with a dumpster.

The sap turns out to be just a dish-washing (or short-order cook) pawn--extra cliche points if he's worried about his expired Visa. The commercial kitchen chase is so unoriginal, I can predict the scene down to the second.

So tell me, YA Sleuthians. What is your most-hated TV cliche?


  1. Even though all the male detectives are in suits and ties, the uber-hot lone female detective wears skin tight jeans, a low-cut top and 4 inch spike heels.

    And the latest is that the "outsider" consultant is the only one who can figure out who done it. While simultaneously maintaining sexual tension with the lead lawman/woman.

  2. Replies
    1. How'd you guess?

      And I'm not really watching anymore. Shark has been jumped. I will, however, watch the one with Adam Baldwin.

  3. Any chase scene leaves me cold. If I have to watch one more perp haul himself over a chain link fence, I will spit. I really have given up on cop and detective shows except for Justified.

  4. I was thinking of the babe detective syndrome today, and thought of Alcatraz. I like the lead lady detective there. She's pretty, but looks like she can take care of business.

    Adam Baldwin was pretty awesome in the Castle episode :-)

  5. Justified is great. The short story it's based on is one of my favorites, too.

  6. The lead detectives on AMC's The Killing are definitely NOT your stereotypical detective characters! The show is great too!

  7. I'll check it out, Krystal--thanks for the tip!