Friday, May 18, 2012

List of Great Middle-Grade Mysteries for the Summer (my post at Criminal Element)

In case you're new to MG mysteries, or if you're just looking for a few good books...

Check out my post at Criminal Element, where I talk about some of my favorite MG mysteries. So you can stop giving Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys to the tweens in your life--not that we don't love them. But there's so much fresh stuff to read in MG mystery. And these books are good for adults, too.

Happy Summer!


  1. I forwarded this to the Mom's of 3 of the 10-year-old boys I know. The other 2 read this blog. ;-)

    Also sent it to a couple friends who have kids in their lives who might be in this age range. Thanks for doing the research on this.

  2. Thanks for forwarding it, Deb :-) And I hope you'll read some--MG is fun...