Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tell me: do you pre-order books?

Exciting moment #29 (or something like that) in this newbie author journey: realizing you can pre-order Double Vision.

And I'm a bargain at B&N, check it out. But who really cares but me and my writerly friends, right? I know I don't pre-order books much more than a week or two in advance, if at all.

Which got me wondering: do you pre-order books? And if so, how far ahead of publication?

I'm curious.


  1. No, I never had. I guess I'd have to be worried about it selling out to do that.

  2. Exactly. Or it would have to be a book I'm pining for, which is rare.

  3. I pre-order books sometimes because I have a limited book budget these days, so for instance I don't have any books coming out this month that I'm gagging for, but I have a huge list this fall, so it makes sense for me to spend this month's budget pre-ordering a few fall books, like... Double Vision perhaps ;)

  4. :-)))

    That's a good reason. I also wonder sometimes if maybe the books are slightly cheaper if you pre-order--like movies are on release day of the DVD.