Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Are You An Impulsive Book Buyer?

Confession time: I'm a little bit of a cheapskate. Okay, so maybe I'm a big one. I don't like to spend more money than I have to. Maybe it's a Dutch thing, I don't know.

So when it comes to my book buying, I usually have a List of Planned Purchases. And I try not to drift too far (given that I'm cheap and all). But then there's that pretty book cover I pass on my way into the book store, or the book recommendation from a store clerk, or that evil bargain section with good mysteries and thrillers. And I always end up buying more books.

I'm not alone in my off-the-list buying--according to this Publishers Weekly article, 60 percent of children's book purchases at indie stores are impulse buys. That's a lot, huh?

How about you all? Do you plan your book purchases, or prefer to be wooed in the store?


  1. I started the year with a plan. After taking a week to organize and clear out the book stash, I knew I had to cut back on my book purchases.

    A couple second books in series, a fifth book in two others and some I'd been hearing good things about. That was it!!

    But no. I've been impulsing all over the place. Trying to put the brakes back on. We'll see.

    I did get on the list for one book I knew would be a disappointment instead of buying it to have the "whole series". Does that count in my favor?