Thursday, June 14, 2012

How Writers Stay Motivated (Or: The Best Ray Bradbury Story Ever)

This is my cat Xena. I know, I know--I'm not supposed to blog about my cat. But I'm doing it anyway.

She's not much of a lap cat. Xena likes to hunt and gather, and kill cockroaches when they invade our house (I love her for that).

But last year, I had a killer deadline for Double Vision. The manuscript was due in just over a month, and I was also in the process of selling our house (read: keep it clean and evacuate with cats at a moment's notice).

So my best time to write ended up being around four in the morning (I still keep this habit for first drafts now, believe it or not, so no need to feel sorry for me or anything). The minute I sat down to write at o-dark-thirty, Xena would jump on my lap to make sure my butt stayed in the seat until the kids got up three hours later. She's pretty awesome, no?

For even more awesomeness, read this letter by Ray Bradbury on how he wrote Fahrenheit 451 (hat tip for the scoop to Debbie Ohi). It's much more inspiring than my cat story, I promise.

How do you stay motivated, writerly friends?

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