Wednesday, July 11, 2012

If You Could Write For TV, What Show Would It Be? (Writerly Wednesday post)

Oh, how I love TV. I know, that's not very classy for a writer to admit, but it's true. I read a lot, but I can so enjoy a good TV show (preferable with a healthy dose of snacks).

Here at the Bradley house, we're all about Leverage. There's a good heist, great characters, and a big dose of humor--when I hear the Leverage theme song, I smile. And it's just about PG enough to watch with my tween posse, so big fat extra points for that.

The show's new season begins this weekend. Can't wait to see what they've cooked up for us this time. 

Which got me thinking yesterday... How cool would it be to be able to write an episode? No way that'll ever happen, and the writers of Leverage do just fine on their own--but a writer can dream, no?

If I could choose any TV show to write for, it would probable be Leverage.

How 'bout you, writer friends?


  1. I have yet to get started watching MAD MEN, believe it or not--got some catching up to do. We just started the first season of JUSTIFIED, which is pretty good.

  2. Love Leverage and Mad Men, both would be fun to write for. But I'd love to write for The Newsroom so I could learn from Aaron Sorkin.

  3. Haven't seen THE NEWSROOM --HBO, I think? Will have to wait for the DVD :-)

  4. Justified, in a heartbeat. It has such great dialogue, although the third season fell a little short of the previous two.

  5. We just started watching JUSTIFIED--you're right, the dialogue is top-notch. The short story it's based on (Fire in the Hole) is great, too. Amazing it became a whole series.