Thursday, October 25, 2012

Linc's Bookstore Tour: Stop #2: Seattle Mystery Bookshop

Linc here--I just left Alexandria, VA, and I took a plane to the state of Washington. This bookstore tour is getting me all caught up on my peanut and pretzel eating, let me tell you.

I have to say: I'm glad to ride the streets on my skateboard again.

Second stop in my bookstore tour: Seattle Mystery Bookshop
Place: Seattle, WA

Here's the skinny:

Question: What makes Seattle Mystery Bookshop different from other bookstores?

What makes us special? Unlike many bookshops out there we focus on a specific genre of fiction. So for 22 years we have specialized exclusively on mystery books! Spies, thrillers, suspense, classic noir….if there’s a body in the book we have it!

Plus we try very hard to bring a personalized service to our customers. One of the biggest and best areas - we read, review and recommend new books & authors to our readers. In addition we have author events nearly every week where fans are able to meet and speak with their favorite authors. Which, let me tell you, is absolutely thrilling!

Question: I have a day to spend in Seattle. What should I do for fun?

Other than coming to Seattle Mystery Bookshop and finding a great book to read? Well...

I would suggest Pike Place Market, there is a wide variety of local vendors selling some very unique wares. Plus the crowds are big enough if you were being followed it would be easy to lose a tail. While you are there you can visit Seattle’s famous gum wall. Located in Pike Place as well, where years of chewing gum cling to an alley wall and all you need to do to participate is stick your piece on! I suggest Hubba Bubba. It is also a great place to leave a secret message, hidden in plain sight, should you need to make contact with another agent while on vacation!

Another recommendation would be The Water Front, where you have the Seattle Aquarium, The Carousel and a giant Ferris Wheel to see (plus a whole bunch of shopping, tours and a bug zoo as well). Plus it offers a number of modes of escape: street car, boat and ferry should you need to make a fast getaway!

Question: If you could invent any spy gadget, what would it be and what would it do?

Dr. Who’s slightly psychic paper would be nice, so you could always have a fake ID or invitation to get you out of a tight spot…. Or Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak would be nice as well, so you could follow quarry without being spotted. Or maybe that map…

But to be honest the most effective gadget for me…..would be a phase shifter. Since I can trip and knock things over when I am walking across a flat stable surface. That way when I need to break into a house to find a hidden file, secret lab or find evidence, I wouldn’t have to worry about knocking over a lamp, bumping into tables or tripping over an ottoman I would walk right through them. So I would never worry again about giving myself -- and the operation -- away!

Question: Any cool events coming up for my friends who live in the area?

One great event, Edgar winner, Dori Hillestad Butler author of the Buddy Files series will be in our shop on November 24th at Noon! This is a great series which we highly recommend!

Or the Run Scared 5k where you earn your candy on October 29
th in Seward Park. Costume contest, doggie costume contest, free kids dash, trick-or-treat bags, prizes for top runners and random door prizes, pumpkin bread, gear check, free event photos and so much more!

Conclusion: Seattle Mystery Bookshop rocks! 

I left a Kid Spy giveaway package, so make your way over there to find out how to enter, fellow spies...

Visit Seattle Mystery Bookshop's Kids Corner for children's, middle-grade and YA mystery book recommendations.

Follow Seattle Mystery Bookshop on Facebook or on Twitter @SeattleMystery for the latest news and upcoming events!


  1. Linc is one of my favorite new kid sleuths. I'm so excited he's dropped in at my favorite mystery bookstore!

  2. I had the pleasure of visiting years ago when I was in Seattle for Left Coast Crime. It's the greatest store with the best staff--I hope to visit again soon!

  3. So great to see a focus on kids' mysteries, too! Linc was wise to make a stop here:-)

  4. They have a great kids' page. Love this place :-)