Saturday, November 3, 2012

Want To Help With Post #Sandy Recovery?

Go to Kid-Lit Cares!

There's a most cool list of items you can bid on, organized by the awesome Kate Messner, and all proceeds go to the Red Cross. I mean, who doesn't want a writer's retreat in Austin, or a manuscript critique by a great agent or editor?



  1. As I hear from friends affected, my heart breaks. And this is so likely to happen again before the situation in terms of dikes, barriers, sand dunes, levies etc. can be implemented. They need to look to the Dutch.

  2. It's funny, any time I see a program on TV on this water issue and how to solve it, there are Dutch engineers there. I really hope they come up with solutions, and not just patch things. The scenes were eerily reminiscent of New Orleans, how it's taking so long to get basics restored (food, power, transportation).

    You're right: it breaks your heart...