Monday, July 22, 2013

Talking world building, craft, and the awesome banjo of Mumford & Sons

One of the best parts of doing school visits is the Q&A sessions after I'm done doing my presentations. I never know what questions I'm going to get. Sometimes, we talk a lot about our favorite foods (donuts with cream in the middle are the best, we all agree), and sometimes, I get a super-smart question. Middle-graders are sharp as a tack, let me tell you.

Like this question: what do you wish you could write (not what you're writing now)?

I know, it's a biggie. I had to think, but not too long. Because aside from my love for all things crime and mystery, I also have a soft spot for science fiction. I don't really have the skill to do all the world-building involved (I think I'm too impatient...), but I admire authors who do.

A nice side-effect to being a writer is that you start to recognize craft, and those who've worked long to get really good at something. And the sad side-effect is that you realize you can't be good at everything. Like writing scifi. Or like playing the banjo as well as the dude on Mumford and Sons. Drawing. Crocheting. Woodworking. Surfing (with an alpaca, like in that picture). Juggling. Baking souffles. All things I would love to do, but... There's not enough time.

So for now, I'll stick with writing mysteries and thrillers. How about you? What craft would you learn if you had all the time in the world?

Here's a beautiful song to inspire you. A bit long at six minutes, but well worth the listen, I promise.



  1. No song with awesome banjo is too long. Winston Marshall is a new hero. Not quite Bela' Fleck level, but up there. I'm beginning to think I'll never get above rank beginner.

    Of course, if I practiced more . . .

  2. It's always about time, isn't it?

    I don't have enough of it now to take on anything new, but I hope that will get better in the future. You're always an inspiration, Deb, because you're creative beyond writing. I imagine one craft fuels the other.

    Will check out Winston Marshall. Love the banjo lately...

  3. Playing a musical instrument, preferably the Indian tabla (which I intend to at some point in future), honing my limited painting skills, and, of course, writing a novel or a book of short stories (I'm working on the latter).

  4. I hope to read your book some day. Sounds like you have your own long list of crafts--it's good to have creative aspirations beyond just one, I think.