Friday, August 16, 2013

Friday around the web: cake for Alfred Hitchcock, cats, crime, and Rizzoli&Isles

It's Friday, so here's my report on what's been flying by on the internet. It's been a bit of a silly week, with everyone still in summer mode, I think.

So there was Alfred Hitchcock's birthday on the 13th, in case you needed a reason for cake. Also, there was this very interesting article on cat hair tracing back to a criminal (hat tip to author pal Laura Ellen). Moral of the story: use one of those lint brushes before you commit a crime. Better yet: just stay home with your cats and read a book instead (a cat cozy mystery, maybe?).

Then there was this link to Google maps, where you can take a look inside the Tardis (for you fellow Whovians). I'm ready to go...

And for some good news: Rizzoli&Isles was renewed for a fifth season, as reported on Tess Gerritsen's site. I just discovered this show, but I'm looking forward already.

Happy weekend, all!


  1. I seem to have been celebrating Hitchcock's birthday unintentionally by watching some black-and-white episodes of "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" on cable television.

  2. I love those! See, you instinctively knew it was his birthday ;-)

  3. AH has provided me with a lot of pleasure in my life. Bone-chilling pleasure that is.

  4. He's the master of suspense, for sure. I wish there were more movies like his--plenty have tried, but not so successfully.