Thursday, March 5, 2015

Throwback Thursday: Remembering where you came from, and 2015 plans

There's a thing on Facebook called Throwback Thursday. It's pretty fun: people post old pictures of themselves (or others) from a while ago. You're probably familiar if you hang out at the virtual watercooler that is Faceybook.

This is me, I'm thinking around three years old. And laughing at someone's joke, clearly. As I flipped through my old picture album, I was reminded how nice my childhood was, and how lucky I am to have all these good memories (there were a lot of smiley-me pictures to choose from).

As a writer, I'm not the same girl who wrote those dark stories umpteen years ago--which is understandable, especially since I write for kids now. But it's good to remember where you came from sometimes. I actually wrote a short story recently, and was reminded to do more of it. And I ticked off one of my plans for 2015, so that felt good.

I still like to have a good laugh like three year-old Fleur, though, so that hasn't changed.

How about you? Do you look back and realize you write differently, or read different books?


  1. I recently came across a story I wrote in third grade. In the story, a girl named "Amy" (surprise, surprise) married a boy from her first grade class. They lived happily ever after. The End.

    Hopefully, my writing has improved since then!

  2. I tried poetry in high school--who doesn't, right? I'm not sure how I managed to be pretentious and utterly naive at the same time.

  3. Ha! Those stories are pretty good... I wasn't even thinking as far back as elementary/high school when I wrote this post. I don't have any writing left from that time. I imagine it would make me cringe :-)

  4. Fleur, I remember writing a short story when I was a kid, probably around eight or ten years old, and submitting it to my uncle who was a journalist. He told me to cut it down by half! I don't know if I did but it was published, in the children's section, I think.

  5. That's really cool, Prashant--published as a kid already! I'll bet you were so proud.

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