Thursday, January 21, 2016

Back, Sort Of

Happy 2016, all! I know, the year is long underway--I'm a bit late to the party. And I didn't die, or go on a sabbatical or anything like that, in case you're wondering why I've been absent on the blog for so long. I just spent some time unplugging, enjoying life, books, family and cats for a few months. Good for the soul.

But I'm back for the new year, with a few changes to the blog. For one, I'll probably post just once a month here--a bit more like a newsletter. I kind of like being slightly less present on the internet, and a bit more present offline. Expect the first of these post early February. I'll share interesting stuff I've come across, what I've been up to, the usual. I'll tell you about mysteries I've found, both in the kid and YA department, plus mysteries for grownups (since I am one), and maybe I'll tell you what I'm writing and where I'll be doing authorly things. Or I'll share a cool soup recipe (I like soup).

So good plans for the new year! Do you have any?


  1. Happy New Year! Looking forward to your next post. Glad you have found a schedule that works for you. :) Hope that 2016 is a good one!

  2. Great to see you back. I can really relate to finding the right balance of posts. I seem to have bursts or drought. Your monthly plan sounds like a great idea. It should give you more time for life and writing.

  3. It's great hearing from you. I'm trying to listen more to what I want to do rather than what I think I should do. We'll see how that works out. Definitely share good soup recipes. I love soup, too.

  4. Thanks for the welcome back, guys!!

  5. Hi Fleur! A belated Happy New Year to you too! I have not been blogging much either, partly because of the transition to a new job and routine and partly because I'm focusing on some serious writing. I do intend to post reviews on my blog, though.