Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Fly on the Wall in Hollywood

“Listen up, people. We still got nothing for next summer’s blockbuster. We need a family movie. Something with animals.”

“A lost fish!”

“That’s Finding Nemo, man.”

“Oh. How about dogs?”

“Been done too many times.”

“In space?

“Come on, come on. We can do better than this.”


“How ‘bout rats?”

“Ratatouille, man.”

More silence.

“Guinnea Pigs.”

“I’m feelin’ it, I’m feelin’ it.”

“In space!”

“Dude, will you drop the space stuff already? How about… Spies.”

“Guinnea pig spies… I love it! Now who can we rope into doing the voices?”

“That one comedian, you know, from that one show?”


“I heard he has a balloon due on his mortgage.”


“And that other actor, you know from that movie—what’s it called. He would be good. But he’d never do it.”

“Tell him we’re looking at having the Coen brothers direct. He likes those guys. By the time he figures out we lied, he already signed.”

“Perfect! I’m feelin’ it, people. We’re on a roll. Hey, let’s put it out at the back end of summer, just when parents are so sick of their kids, they’ll do anything to get out of the house.”


“Now what do we have for Christmas, people. Come on, come on. Keep those ideas coming.”

“How about… Cockroaches.”

“In space!”