Monday, July 27, 2009

Monday, Monday

I’m probably alone in this, but I like Mondays. New to-do list, good plans, well-rested after Sunday—Mondays have always been pretty good to me. They make me feel full of purpose, just in time for Tuesday to throw me a curveball.

Right now, I’m finishing up material for an online class I’m teaching in August for the online chapter of RWA, FTHRW. It’s all about how to add suspense to your writing, and I promise it’ll be fun. And you might even wind up with a better manuscript at the end of the workshop.

Also, check out Poisoned Pen’s online conference, scheduled for October 24th. It’s cheap ($25), easy (online, so you can stay in your jammies if you like), and packed with interesting events.
I’m signed up. Looks like it’ll be a fun chance to catch up with some of my friends in mystery, and get the latest on all things crime.

Oh, and the lentil soup (see Friday’s post) is great. I mixed it up a little—no leeks, no sausage, and no home-made broth. Still turned out great. Quick tip: unless you’re running a soup kitchen, or feeding a farming community, cut the quantities of the recipe in half. I’ll be eating lentil soup until Halloween right now…

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  1. Gotta say, not so big a fan of Mondays these days. Used to be for all the reasons you list.

    Maybe soon.