Friday, July 24, 2009

Links and Lentil Soup

Because it’s just a lot more fun to surf the web than work on a Friday, here are some cool distractions:

On YPulse, I found this article: What Youth Marketers Can Learn from YA Publishers. It’s from June, but new to me, so I thought maybe to you too.

At The YA Authors Café, an interview with Brent Hartinger about his book Project Sweet Life. The concept sounded so fun, I was grinning as I read it. No mystery, but who can resist a laugh—it goes on the to-buy list.

On Alice’s CWIM blog, an interview with Chuck Sambuchino, who said some really smart things about what to include in a bio; check it out if you’re a writer.

Borders is expanding its teen section, according to an online article in The Wall Street Journal. Does this mean we’ll see more YA mysteries (maybe), or more fangs (probably)? Most likely, it’ll be filled with Twilight posters and pencils. Or maybe some nifty beanbags for us all to trip over while we’re trying to find a book.

Jon Stewart (you know, from the Daily Show on Comedy Central) is now considered the most trusted news anchor according to a Time Magazine poll.

The new Harry Potter movie grossed 77.8 million bucks—although it’s probably 100 million by the time I write this.

And I’m making this lentil soup this weekend (sans sausage); I’ll let you know how it turns out.

Happy weekend!

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