Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday Links: Ode to the Craft

After reading this article in The Village Voice (warning—lots of f-bombs), I got to thinking. Well, first I was laughing, then I got to thinking. Mostly about how dumb some people are, and then about how incredibly valid this point is: have respect for the years it takes to hone a craft, whether it’s painting, writing, or editing, whatever.

For this Friday link post, I thought I would step away from the usual YA theme, and give you some writing craft related links. Because we could all stand to learn something new. Especially me.

So here goes my Ode to the Craft:

Kelly Spitzer, writer extraordinaire, talks about Rose Metal Press’ Field Guide to Writing Flash Fiction, which sounds really interesting. I have a soft spot for short fiction, and recognized some of the names there—will have to check this book out.

I finally sat down and read the 2010 Children’s Writer’s and Illustrator’s Market. It’s technically a reference, listing agents, book publishers, etc., but like the Playboy fans, I bought it mostly for the articles. Good stuff, with articles on YA writing, revision, and the latest in publishing.

Some of my writer friends have been partaking in a two-week write-a-thon. Kudos to all—and I thought Jenny had some smart thoughts on the whole process, and how lots of bits of writing make a bunch, and eventually a novel.

Barry Eisler has a ton of info for those of us in the trenches, so check out his website.

If you’re out of ideas, check out Writer’s Digest’s prompts to get a creative kick in the pants.

The Gotham Writers’ Workshop has a page devoted to tips from the masters, for those of you who could use some encouragement or guidance.

And if you're frustrated by hearing about the dismal odds of even selling your book, check out Kelly Corrigan’s story. She kicked some promotion butt and beat the odds with a baseball bat—rock on, Kelly.

On that note, this writer is off to write the weekend away…

P.S. Trying out new blog template, hoping it's easier on the eyes. Blogger people: you need more templates. You're hurting the creative people here with your boring choices.

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