Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Techno Fleur

When your brain scatters a bit like mine does, it’s important to set goals. I have annual goals, monthly goals, weekly goals. It’s nice to have a list you can check. Makes you feel productive.

Part of my list of goals this year is to stop being such a bleemin’ dinosaur. I know how to wire the electrical system and fix the plumbing in my house, but when it comes to computers and related technology, I tune out. When stuff breaks, I sheepishly get the scowling geeks at my computer repair shop to fix it.

No more. I’m learning how to download stuff, go on Facebook, blog, etc. My hope is to eventually figure out how to have my writing available for readers to download. Because that’s where the future’s at, right?

I find it fascinating to read how innovative authors find ways to get their work out there, like M.J. Rose’s blog, and the past few posts on J.A. Konrath’s blog. Check it out, if you’re in publishing. It's the future.


  1. Embrace the technology, Fleur. And don't you have an online conference coming up?

  2. Yeah, don't remind me. It's like jumping into the deep end for this dinosaur...