Wednesday, February 10, 2010

About David

Meet David. He’s sixteen, tall, and always looks over his shoulder, just in case those jerks are on his heels. You get to be that way when you’re the kid who has a bull’s-eye on his back.

But there’s more to David than that. He’s smart, funny, and knows how to get out of a jam—skills he learned while helping out his repo-man dad. And he’s solving a mystery, all while being grounded for driving his cool 1971 Curious Yellow Plymouth Scamp (with Bumblebee Stripe) too fast.

I like David. He’s suffered through a few rewrites, got beat more than he deserved, got shot at, had to walk in the rain and stand tall when he was most scared. He’s become something of a friend to me.

But it’s time for him and to go into The Drawer, where unsuccessful manuscripts go. There are a few others there waiting, so he won’t be lonely—I just really thought David would make it into print, so I’m a little sad to say goodbye. But it’s time to move on to Niki (she’s just as cool as David; more about her later) and let him go.

Still, I’m leaving the drawer cracked, just in case. I would like to think that maybe, once David isn’t grounded anymore, he takes his girl Laney for a drive in his Scamp, windows down, hands surfing the air. He’s earned it.


  1. I love this "story" Fleur. Reminds me of my Shelby and how her life in the drawer has been, and Sam with her mother now gone, how will they handle being in the drawer. But, as a good author knows...keep writing, that's what we do best.

  2. Bummer. I love David, too.

    Definitely keep the drawer cracked open.