Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thursday News

Thursday news is on the skinny side this week due to still dodgy internet connection, but it still packs some punch. Here she goes:

First off, Bookslut’s Colleen Mondor talks about diversity and YA—you must read this. It’s an article that gives a really comprehensive look at an issue that’s been at the forefront of YA publishing for a while.

Healthy characters are contagious, says this study in Medical News Today. A study of girls in a healthy lifestyles program showed that reading novels where the lead takes on healthier habits makes them adopt those too. I feel a wave of issue novels coming on…

ReadWriteWeb reports on last weekend’s Teen Tech Conference in San Francisco; too much to report on here, so just read it for yourself.

Those computer games, phones, TV, and Facebook are not causing teen headaches, according to this study reported on by redOrbit. So good news—though that study has obviously not seen the ‘new and improved’ Facebook layout. It certainly gave me a headache.

The L.A. Times talks cellphone novels in Japan.

Scott Westerfeld won the Aurealis (an Aussie speculative fiction award) for Leviathan.

Think teens are rash and have no concept of risk? No more than us adults, says this study. The article goes on with a healthy amount of lecturing, so don’t say I didn’t warn you. Still interesting.

And for a smile, check out Kajolu, a baby gorilla from Germany with the nicest face ever. I dare you not to be charmed:

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