Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thursday YA News

I thought I would try to do my news and links a little different this week. In an effort to be more organized (couldn’t we all use more of that?), I’ve grouped like news items together; let me know if this works.

Anyway, here’s your week in YA:

YA Bookish Stuff

It’s a Battle of the Books at School Library Journal! Vote for your favorite of 16 here.

Incarceron (A YA novel by Catherine Fisher) will be a movie someday (we all know Hollywood takes as long as publishing—or longer).

Readergirlz is all about Scott Westerfeld and Leviathan this month. Even the web music is cool.

Publishers Weekly discusses B&N’s Common Sense rating system for childrens books—very interesting stuff.

And John Grisham is working on a middle-grade called Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer, reports the NYT. Sounds fun.

Teen Culture

More TV watching=worse family ties, reports EurekAlert on a recent study. Teen who do their homework and read have closer ties to parents—I wonder how much of this is personality related. Maybe teens who watch more TV and play videogames are trying to a get away from parents? A thought.

Twitter in the classroom helps student engagement.

And teen drug use is up after a decade of decline—not good.

Publishing Biz

Ever wonder what it costs to produce a print book? The NY Times does the math.

The Nintendo DSi XL can handle e-books—how cool.

For Writers

At Mediabistro, check out this article on Scott Segler’s quest to build an audience—which he did mostly without a big publisher’s help.

Ever wonder about podcast dos and don'ts? Look no further than this GalleyCat article.

Design your own book cover here. Such fun.

And I’ll end with a cool photograph of Lola and her cub.

Pretty, huh?


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  2. Thanks so much for the rgz shout out!

  3. You're very welcome! Readergirlz is my go-to place for all things YA (with the best author interviews).