Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thursday YA News

Thursday YA news! Here it is:

YA Bookish Stuff

PW has an interesting article on the Empire State Book Festival. I thought this observation by graphic novelist Barbara Slate was interesting: “Teenagers are expressing themselves through comics,” noting girls are just as engaged in that genre as boys.

Want a free book? Macmillan is giving away free galleys of some of their latest titles; check it out here.

Suzanne Collins’ Catching Fire won in the YA category of the 2010 Indies Choice Book Award.

Wondering what teens read for fun? Find out in this SLJ article.

Teen Culture

Lunches affect learning, says this SLJ article, tying into Jamie Oliver’s (love him!) mission to get the garbage out of our lunch room. Quelle surprise--corndogs are not a foodgroup, lunch people.

Check out this progressive Illinois librarian who brought Kindles into the classroom. How cool is that?

I thought this NY Times article regarding social media and the classroom was really interesting; this organization called Common Sense Media is teaching kids how to behave online (so as to avoid cyberbullying, etc.).

Publishing Biz

Self-publishing is up, says this PW article. No surprise there; some great stats in this article for you fellow data geeks.

Wonder how a book gets adapted into film? Find out in this interview with Diary of a Wimpy Kid director Thor Freudenthal.

For Writers

MWA puts Harlequin back on its approved publishers list (Harlequin also has some YA lines), so good news there. Read all about it at GalleyCat.

Also at GalleyCat, agent Jason Ashlock (and other agents) talk about life as an agent; read more here.

And finally for fun, meet Kitchi.

This river otter has been missing from Colorado’s Cheyenne Mountain Zoo for a few weeks now. Zoo officials urge you to look in your pond, to make sure Kitchi hasn’t decided to set up shop there.

Kitchi, the rogue river otter. Kinda cool.

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