Monday, September 27, 2010

A Filthy, Filthy Book

I read in The Guardian today that Stephenie Meyer's books are among the most challenged--check out the article. It's interesting in light of banned books week.

Meyer's books are called filthy, anti-family, satanic, and so on. I laughed at these comments, but then they're sad, too. I'm not a Twilight fan, but just don't understand what would make a parent think they have the right to decide what the rest of the world gets to read.

Censorship is so ugly. Maybe every parent who tries to get a book banned should be automatically signed up for a knitting class or something. Seems like they could stand to have something else to do.

And imagine all the great scarfs and sweaters we would have with all that energy redirected.


  1. Knitting is good. And if you don't want your child reading the books, that's your right. But don't dictate what my (theoretical) kids can read.

    I've always said they need to sign up for volunteer work. Go help out at a hospital. Or work with troubled teens if you're that concerned. Find out that it ain't the books that are messing them up.