Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Swirly September

There's just something about September. Lots of birthdays in my family, publishing gets moving again after taking a summer break, and in Colorado everyone is getting their last activities in before the snow hits.

Busy bees we all are. Me, I've had something of a Dutch family invasion, a cat who just had kittens, and the random crises that come with family life, like my daughter's broken fingers yesterday. And we're almost out of milk, I think. I love my life and my family, but it does get a bit nutty sometimes--especially when you're also trying to edit a manuscript.

I thought September was just swirly for me, but then my great friend Deb made me laugh out loud with her post today. I guess I'm not alone in my scatteredness. Cheers, Deb.

Apologies for the lack of sleuthiness here at the YA Sleuth. I'll be on it a little more once it stops being 80-odd degrees out here, and I finish my edits. For this month, I seem to just be able to share the occasional song. This Sara Bareilles tune has been playing in my car a lot, and suits the mood--enjoy!

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