Monday, March 28, 2011

If I Was From Paris

I'm busy plotting novels, and researching stuff--including Paris. I'm lucky enough to have visited there a few times, seen the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, etc. It's an amazing place, with an amazing history, which is always good for us writers. Did you know for instance that Paris has a whole underground tunnel system? It's patrolled by police, but many corners are still undiscovered, and there's a whole underground culture that lives there.

Fascinating stuff. The February issue of National Geographic has a great feature on these underground tunnels, their history, and even a map. Great for research. It's leaving me hungry for croissants...

How do you research locales for your work?


  1. I wish I could travel more to the places I want to incorporate in my stories. Most are set in places I've lived or visited a lot. Or I read A LOT about the settings.

    But wouldn't it be great to say, "I want to set a book in Madrid," and then hop a plane and spend a month there so you get to know what the locals know, not just what every tourist on a 9-day-12-country tour sees?

  2. Man, I want that... Imagine all the good food we'd eat--er, great books we'd write :-)