Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Kick In The Pants

Being creative can be hard. My writer pals know what I'm talking about. There are family commitments, work, TV shows to watch, fridges that need cleaning. I can come up with 101 reasons to put off writing.

Thankfully, agent Mary Kole has a really great post on taking responsibility, and get creative already. No excuses.

A great kick in the pants for your Tuesday.


  1. It gets easier once the commitments fade away. But then the eyes or the body starts to protest too much time at the computer.

  2. Funny how the Universe knows just when to kick, huh.

  3. And do I ever need a kick every once in a while...

    It's funny though: often it's when I'm the busiest with other things that I get the most writing done. Must be because I have no time to procrastinate.