Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Chicks and Flicks

I'm not a particularly girly girl. If you've had the occasion to meet me in person, you probably know this already--although I try to be a lady. As long as it doesn't get in the way of comfort, or a quick getaway (no heels for me, thanks). The regular readers of this blog know that I'm more of a Pippi Longstocking fan than a Twilight one.

Which is why I was glad to hear about the Geena Davis Institute for Gender in the Media. They've done some research on the portrayal of women and girls in the movies, and there's a great article (short and to-the-point, we like that) up at YPulse by Ms. Twixt. So go over and read for yourself how we need to up the freckle quotient.


  1. I was a girly little girl but somehow I became a boyish woman. Glad to have you back. Hope your summer was productive.

  2. I was girlier too when I was young. I think I got lazy... :-)